Our Company's participation in the Dragster Games was a great success.

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DRAG 2016 002

DRAG 2016 125

DRAG 2016 182



The Company's participation in the 27th International Agricultural Fair of Thessaloniki has been very successful.

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New Logo

As part of an updated modus operandi and a new communications strategy, SKS redesigned its logo. Our new logo is contemporary, dynamic, represents our continuous evolution, but at the same time, consistent with our successful 35-year operation. Apart from the new corporate website, the new logo is being used on every new label of our products.

SKS Supports "The Smile of the Child"

When it comes to social responsibility, SKS is a strong believer of "actions speak louder than words". Therefore, we actively support "The Smile of the Child" in their valuable work by providing lubricants and coolants to all of the organisation's Mobile Neonatal Units.

NF Ultra Unleaded Race Fuel Concentrate Octane Booster

By adding NF Ultra Concentrate to the fuel pump, you offer your vehicle a product that can outperform many of the most expensive commercially available racing fuels. NF Ultra Concentrate is a fully synthetic octane booster that not only increases gasoline octane, but also includes a power amplifier that augments fuel energy by delivering an even better performance.